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Although playing video games can offer a certain degree of fun and amusement for the those playing them, they are a poor substitute for real lessons taught by an experienced guitar teacher, and there is no evidence whatsoever that anyone has ever become an accomplished guitar player as a result of playing video games. Also, there are no short cuts to be taken when one endeavours to learn how to play the guitar, only consistent daily practice will yield the type of results that aspiring guitarists desire to realize.

In our modern day and time many people have become so used to having technology readily available at their fingertips that makes information almost instantaneously available that it is no big surprise that many of today’s guitar students may very well have unrealistic ideas/expectations as to what the guitar lesson experience should be like and how long it may actually take them to learn to play the guitar with any real degree of competence.

Real lessons with an experienced guitar teacher offer the student the opportunity to work on developing their playing skills in a structured environment where the teacher can point out mistakes or flaws in the student’s playing technique and guide the student towards correcting them as quickly as possible, And give them homework assignments as well, which will only serve to help the student grow and mature in a much more productive way than they would otherwise.


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