Done right video lessons whether live, online, offline or via DVD can offer the aspiring guitarist the convenience of learning to play the guitar in the comfort of their own home, however because of the way the lessons are presented many online and DVD video lessons fall short of delivering the expected results regardless of how good of a guitarist the instructor may be in their own right.

There’s no doubt that those wanting to learn to play the guitar will either choose to go to a private teacher or commit to online lessons or a combination of both depending on what their schedule and particular set of circumstances allow. The one thing that has to be present and commonplace in order for the desired results to be achieved is that the person giving the lessons be able and willing to chart out the lesson plan in a step by step format from beginning to end for the benefit of the student.

A problem often associated with video lessons is the chance of there being more of a “performance” aspect rather than the instructor taking time to actually teach, and while it may be impressive to hear and see, the student does not really gain as much from viewing the videos as they may have initially thought they would. Using my own teaching style as an example, I always strive to walk the student through every exercise I give them so that they have a clear understanding of how to correctly play a particular phrase or progression.

Furthermore, any teacher worth their salt should never take the position that it is up to the student to figure things out for themselves and this is especially true in the beginning stages of musical development. The student may not yet possess the necessary tools that would enable them to even begin to figure things out for themselves. With that said, it is the responsibility of the teacher to guide the student in the building of a solid foundation of both theory and practice. Whether it be in the physical, one-on-one with a teacher or the viewing of a video proper instruction is paramount because of the intricacies of certain aspects of playing the guitar. This can be especially true for example with the teaching of proper finger technique for a particular chord, arpeggio or scale.

The attribute of clearly explaining the details is vital to having a good guitar lesson experience and is what sets a good instructor apart, should they be present with a student or via clear illustration in a video/online lesson.


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