I can recall many, many years ago when I placed an ad in a music magazine in an attempt to either join or form a band with like minded players only to receive a call from this one guy who asked me if I used a certain style/brand of guitar and amps, I told him no and explained what I had, and that I would be willing to get the type of guitar and amps he had asked me about if things were to move forward, but he wasn’t even trying to hear that.

The excuse, (and I suspect many people still use the same excuse today), which was that his band had a certain sound and they wanted someone who played that specific type of guitar through that specific type of amp, all of which is complete nonsense because although quality equipment is paramount to the success of any musician or band, many guitar and amplifier companies offer great products, and if the most popular guitar of the day is priced at $3,000.00 or more (and you can have an independent shop make a guitar for you for half that amount or less), that leaves you more money in the budget for your amp(s).

Now let’s say that the most popular amp on the market gives you the sound your style of music calls for, and yet that amp is priced somewhere between $3,000.00 and $3,500.00 which is quite a large sum of money for the average aspiring guitarist to come up with, but through a little bit of research and a few trips to the guitar store you may soon discover that there is a slightly less popular brand of amp priced at half the amount or less than the most popular one that gives you the sound that your style of music calls for. It only makes good sense then to buy that amp and with the money that is left over in your budget continue on with shopping for the rest of your gear.


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