When it comes to taking guitar lessons there are so many options available nowadays, but there are also many people attempting to offer guitar lessons via various websites or in person, who do not seem to really have any idea whatsoever as to how to go about teaching people to play the guitar. To be fair, some of them may actually be fairly decent players in their own right, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are guitar teachers. There are false or at least unreasonable expectations promised by some that are just not rooted in the guitar lesson reality.

Many of those offering online or in person lessons will claim that you can learn to play your first guitar solo in 15 minutes or learn to play your favorite song within one to four lessons or something along those lines, and yet it has taken several years if not decades and countless hours of practice/rehearsal for your favorite artist to develop their skills to the level where they can play as impressively as they do, so to think that one will magically play a solo within 15 minutes or a song from beginning to end after only taking a few lessons just doesn’t ring true.

So what is a realistic goal, you might ask? The first thing that needs to be clearly established is determining at what stage of development you are truly at, and then from there, you can begin to build upon that. For example, one student may just be starting out and they will need to learn some basic fundamentals, and another student may have already been playing for a year or two but is still in the development stage. However, if the newer of the two students practices more they may very well end up actually surpassing the more experienced student.

The bottom line here is that the student regardless of what their true skill level is, should always strive to gain a little bit more proficiency every day, and that is more likely to be achieved if they set small attainable goals that are based on reality and not wishful thinking. There is nothing wrong with dreaming about being a good guitarist one day and seeing those dreams become a reality on some level or another, but there is a lot of hard work that will have to be done first in order to even come remotely close to that dream being a reality.


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