One of the most overlooked things where musical development is concerned is the practice/rehearsal space. This can be anything from a small office or spare unused bedroom to a large hall or even your unused garage. That perfect practice/rehearsal spot where you can be left to jam out with friends or concentrate on your next perfectly practised riff.

There is a little bit of a distinction to be made between a practice space and a rehearsal space. The practice space is usually smaller in square footage and is best defined as a room where the individual student practices so as to develop their own personal skill level. In setting out to find the perfect quiet spot where you can be left in peace and where you likewise won’t be disturbing other folk’s peace and quiet either, these rooms are often so well insulated and as a result often very dark. That being said, this practice room should be well lit, and seeing as how you will very likely be putting in a great deal of time in where your own personal musical development is concerned, it stands to reason that you won’t always necessarily be using natural light, which means that you will be using quite a bit of electricity, and so I do recommend switching all light bulbs to energy efficient LED bulbs which will help save you money on your monthly electric bill. For example, my lamps and practice room light bulbs were all 60 watts so I replaced them with an equivalent LED brightness of 800 lumens that only used 10 watts. These LED soft white replacement bulbs, in most cases, should be sufficient, but you can opt for brighter watt LED replacement bulbs if you so choose.

The practice room should consist of all things that are needed for studying such as an acoustic or electric guitar, guitar stool, armless chair or piano bench, amplifier, guitar stand, sheet music stand, guitar cable, guitar tuner and metronome, laptop or desktop computer, guitar picks, and the space must be quiet and free of interruption in order to maximize the student’s concentration level.

The rehearsal space, on the other hand, will be bigger where square footage is concerned and is more ideal for 3 to 5 persons, which would usually be the case in a band situation, and is bigger than what the individual student would actually need when they are first starting out. In either case, if your living situation allows for it sound proofing and acoustic tiles are a great investment that will serve to keep the sound in and to create an environment that will have good acoustics hence great sound.

Another thing to keep in mind is that under ideal circumstances the practice or rehearsal space would have centralized air and heat so that the interior climate remains at a comfortable temperature year round. This is also better for your equipment and instruments, keeping them in good working order.


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