Playing with Feeling vs Speed

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Depending on the style of music one chooses to play feeling may very well be preferable over speed, while in another case speed may be what is preferred. Still, in other cases playing with an equal amount of feeling and speed will actually serve to make the player more versatile and offer anyone listening to the music being played a more well-rounded and enjoyable listening experience.

As one might well imagine, different styles of music are going to call for different types of players. Whether one plays with a lot of soulful feeling or blistering speed, both types of players can be good, but the truly great players are adaptable in that they have learned when to lay back and play with soulful feeling and when to cut loose and play with blistering speed.

Whether you are the type guitarist that plays with feeling or with speed, or somewhere in between the two, there are two main things that you should strive for as a guitar player, and they are accuracy at various tempos and growing to the point where you become truly great in your own style.

Any level of speed that may result in one’s personal playing style will only come with a lot of practice, and this, will not happen overnight. So, it is more important to learn to play something really well and then slowly increase your speed over time. Also, I do highly advise using a metronome set at 50 to 60 bpm, playing one note per tick at a time. Once some proficiency is attained then try playing the first note on the tick, the second note in between the tick and the third note on the tick and so on, this is how you begin to learn to play with more speed, and how you utilize that speed is completely up to you as a player.


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