There is no doubt that in today’s hurried world people are busier than they have ever been before, and because of that it can be very challenging to make time to practice. When one does set aside some time to practice the level of enthusiasm and the ability to fully concentrate can be severely limited due to the fact that there are many other matters in one’s day to day life vying for their attention.

When it comes to learning to play any instrument it does require that one be willing to make certain sacrifices in order to be able to pencil in some practice time. A few things to consider when scheduling time to do some personal practice would be to adjust your viewing times of tv, videos, movies and televised sporting events as well as time spent on social media or playing video games, which will enable more time to become available for practice.

To suggest that a student devotes the same amount of time to practicing the guitar as an athlete would to improving their skills on the court/field is not unreasonable. If it is possible then anywhere from four to eight hours of practice per day is what is needed to achieve the best results. When one cannot for whatever reason practice for long periods of time, I recommend breaking up the practice schedule into 15, 20 or 30-minute increments so that some amount of concentrated practice is achieved.


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