What are your favourite guitars? My favourite guitars are my Carvin DC 200 custom which has a Floyd Rose tremolo system with fine tuners at the bridge, locking nut at the headstock, fasten down tuners. Next, there is my Gibson Explorer which has a standard bridge system as well as my two steel string Martin guitars, Rodriguez Classical and Ibanez acoustic-electric bass.

After that there are Gibson Les Pauls and Flying Vs, Fender Stratocasters, Jackson Flying Vs, Soloists, Lag, Charvel, Taylor, Breedlove, ESP/LTD, PRS, B.C. Rich, Washburn, Dean, Kramer, Gary Kramer, and of course, these are just a few on a very long list of guitars that I think are actually pretty cool. I don’t really care about particular brands per se, so long as I like the way they look, feel, sound and hold up for the long run.

There are so many rockin’ guitars out there, and a lot of private, independent guitar makers have brought some really great guitars to market. With there being so many cool guitars out there, how are we supposed to pick between them all? Well, to say the least, it makes for one very interesting dilemma. lol!

What I think is really cool aside from all the different variety of 6 string guitars are all the 7 and 8 string guitars that have emerged on the scene which has become quite popular and for good reason. I guess another dilemma would be figuring out where to put all those guitars once we acquired them. It can also be said that there are some really nice 12 string guitars out there on the market that I would most certainly take a shine to as well.

Last, but not least is the Dobro, which I do not own as yet, but I may very well one day give it a try if the need for it arises. Lastly, there are also some really nice bass guitars that look and sound great made by the same guitar manufacturers that make my favorite guitars, and even if I don’t end up buying the vast majority of the guitars that Like, it is still a lot of fun to be able to walk into a guitar store and play some of these rockin’ guitars.


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