If you want to be taken seriously whether one is a music instructor or a member of a band, then you have to be willing to develop a professional attitude. It goes without saying that a person who is at a professional level in any field should have a certain level of proficiency, but more importantly than how much one knows is how professional their attitude is, and this is very often demonstrated by their behavior.

I can recall quite a few years ago, hearing about a popular band that would not go on stage to perform their set list before their adoring fans. This is something you just don’t do unless there is an extreme emergency situation. Most people would be understanding and sympathetic if this were the case, albeit an inconvenience to them.

Once the emergency situation has been attended to it is so important to do right by the fans and either give them a full and complete refund or extend the tour so that their ticket purchase can be honored by the band giving the performance. After all, the audience did pay to see/hear this band’s show.

Nowadays, there’s an even worse thing happening where both musicians and actors threaten to go on strike for purely political reasons. This is absolutely ridiculous, because even if people like a particular person’s approach to music, that doesn’t mean that they will or should have to agree with an artist’s political views.

The truly professional person will always keep their own personal politics to themselves. In situations where they are performing it would be inappropriate to rant on about what their take is on current affairs. For example, when you or I pay for theater or concert seat tickets to see/hear a particular artist or group we did so in good faith to be entertained with a live performance and not with the intention of going to a pseudo political rally! I can recall going to concerts and actually enjoying them because as a guitarist it was not only entertaining but encouraging as well.

So, what is the bottom line here? Quite simply put, the artist/band should be very clear as to why they are where they are and why people have taken time out of their day to day lives to attend one of their performances and stay focused on that and that alone. The artist can and should engage their audience in ways that are event centric. When people are at a particular event they don’t really want to be reminded at that time about politics, the work week, the bills or anything that might otherwise stress them out, because they are there to cut loose and have a good time.

The new guitarist who wants to pursue music as a career and even the up and coming artist must remember these things because they can make or break a career before it even gets off the ground. Once a celebrity starts using their position to go on a political tirade one can almost see their career begin to go down in flames. The reason for this is obvious; people aren’t paying them for their counsel on politics, which means that they need to just shut up and play, act, dance or perform. After all, this is what they were paid to do.

In conclusion, steer clear of all the “drama” and those that engage in it and focus on your craft.


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