Oh, Really?!.

Have you ever heard anyone say this before? It’s a pretty safe bet that at least one person if not more have heard someone at some point in time say this about another person. Has anyone ever said this to you? Hopefully not. Were they right? Absolutely not.

Here is the take away so far, not only do many beginning, intermediate and advanced guitarist have weaknesses in their playing, so do a lot of professional players, but the difference is that they have learned how to cover their tracks so to speak, and the average listener is none the wiser to it. In other words, the average listener never picks up on it, and if they do it may come across as though a particular part in a song has been altered, which sometimes may be the case and other times it may not be.

By now, you should be beginning to see that I am strongly refuting the “you suck at playing guitar” remark that some aspiring players have had to hear, because not only is it degrading, but it’s not true for the most part. Can it at any point be true? Sure. If one never practices at all maybe it is possible, but I personally would still never say that to anyone, it just wouldn’t feel right to me. With that said, everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. The things that represent weaknesses in one’s own ability is where the majority of the focus should be placed so that you begin to become stronger in those particular areas.

Notice that I said “become stronger in those particular areas” but that nowhere did I ever say that you would become perfect. This is one of those times when “progress not perfection” ideology comes into play. This is not to say that you will never play things perfectly, or as close to perfect as humanly possible. Let’s take things one week at a time. Where are you in your development as guitarist this week? Is it not a very real possibility that you could potentially be at least a little bit better next week than you are right now? Personally, I do believe this to be the case.

Pace yourself, persevere and be patient with your progress. Rome wasn’t built in a day.


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